VICELAND TV in the UK will be premiering ‘The Wrestlers’ on Wednesday 17th July 2019 on Sky Channel 183, Virgin Ch 219, BT TV Ch 338, TalkTalk Ch 338, NOW TV as well as All 4.

Following it’s recent US Premiere, the show has received rave reviews as Hardcore musician Damian Abraham documents the vibrant subcultures of professional wrestling around the world.

The exciting documentary series features a whole episode on MVP, who’s own fabled journey to the ring was an incredible one.

See the teaser here:

Damian and MVP take a trip down memory lane, visiting not only MVP’s old neighbourhood but the Miami prison where he was incarcerated for a decade. The episode looks at MVP’s career as a whole and asks some tough questions about life beyond Wrestling.

More on MVP’s episode, including an exclusive one-on-one interview with Damian can be found on the VICELAND website HERE

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