MVP: Most Valuable Prisoner

MVP has a life story like no other.

Before the fame and fortune, aged just 16, this Miami native was part of a “graffiti gang” that successfully robbed a Casino… on-board a Cruise Ship.

If that wasn’t crazy enough, he went on the run for weeks leaving a trail of stolen cars, fast women and laundered cash in his wake.

Our future Wrestling superstar was eventually talked into coming out of hiding and gave himself up to law enforcement officials, believing he would be tried as a juvenile and face a lighter sentence.

The Judge, however, saw things a little differently and sentenced him as an adult… to an eye-watering 18 and a half years inside.

Prison is no place for a 16 year old, surrounded by murderers, drug-dealers and violent offenders. Survival was key and survive he did, for a decade- but not without some close calls and stories you would NOT believe…

Unless of course, you heard it from the man himself.

For the first time ever, MVP is bringing his incredible life story to the big stage as he performs his epic one-man show MVP: Most Valuable Prisoner.

As revealed EXCLUSIVELY in Britain’s Mirror Newspaper, MVP premiered his show in London in November 2018 to a sold out audience and to widespread acclaim.

Known worldwide for slamming opponents and winning Championship belts with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), Impact Wrestling (TNA) and New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW), MVP is a social media powerhouse with well over half a million followers.

He reveals just how he overcame street gangs, gun violence, racial prejudice and a decade in Prison to not only become one of Wrestling’s global superstars but a successful rap artist, actor and an advocate for Prisoner education.

Speaking exclusively to The Mirror, MVP said:

“They say truth is stranger than fiction! I do believe that anyone who comes to see the show will be absolutely in awe and I’m not afraid at all to say that.

The heist that sent me to prison is comparable to something like Oceans Eleven. I was a teenager and it was a major heist of a cruise ship and I pulled it off…”

The show gives the audience an astonishing, no holds barred insight into prison life and wrestling redemption – capturing all of its explicit yet often comedic detail, told as only the charismatic MVP can.

Half-Man, Half-Amazing? You haven’t heard HALF of it!